Loveland Wills - Co.Surrey, England


There are a number of Loveland Wills proved in Surrey between 1485 and 1658. With three exceptions, the originals and such Registers as exist (together with microfilmed copies) are held at the Greater London Record Office, 40 Northampton Road, London, EC1R 0HB (tel: +44 (0)171-606-3030). Many of the Wills have been abstracted by an expert Genealogist and are available on microfiche from the West Surrey Family History Society. For some Wills not yet available in abstract form, we offer our best attempt at a summary. Searchers wishing to examine the microfilmed copies should note that where a reference to a Register is given (beginning DW/PA/7/..) it will usually be easier to look at that rather than the film of the original Will (references beginning DW/PA/5/..).

The witnesses to Wills of this period have also been indexed and this information adds further to our knowledge of Lovelands of this period.

Index of Loveland Testators (Co.Surrey)

Index of Loveland Witnesses (Co.Surrey)

The following appear as witnesses or in other capacities in non-Loveland Wills

Alice Loveland (1560) of Shackleford, Godalming

Widow, sick ../../1560 (to be buried in the churchyard, to mother church 4d). To my daughter Joan Page all the corn in the ground except two bushels of wheat one of which to Agnes Loveland and one to her son William Loveland; to William Denyer father of the said Agnes a bushel; to my daughter Joan all mead ground this year and all my part of the tenement in which I live for my lease and to let the same to Henry Loveland from next Michaelmas at reasonable rent; to each godchild 4d; to my servant Elizabeth Withwell my best ewe, best lamb, a kercher, 1s and the money for a smock; to Maud Diggyne 1s; residue to my daughter Joan, exec; to my daughter Agnes Alderton my best sheet, best gown, best rail and to each of her children 4d and a lamb.

Overseers: Robert Chaundelor, Henry Markwicke (3/4d ea)

Witnesses: RC, HM, Henry Chaundeler, Richard White.

Proved: 16-Dec-1560.

Notes: Widow of William of Godalming-Shackleford (died 1557)?

Chaundlers also mentioned in Will of Henry Loveland of Pirbright (1612).

George (1607) of Guildford St.Nicholas-Losely; Compton

Husbandman, sick, 19-Oct-1607. To Anne Preston my sister's daughter 20 marks; to George Loveland my godson 20 marks; godsons Thomas Rider, Thomas Broadbridge and Henry Wisdome 3/4d ea; poor of Compton 10/-.

Witnesses: William Skinner, Thomas Rider, both of Loseley.

Admon. 5-Dec-1607 to Stephen Loveland brother of the deceased.

Note: Also witness to 1605 Will of Robert Hammond of Loseley, husbandman.

George, aka George BURT (1582) of Worplesdon

This item includes both the Will and (unusually) a detailed Inventory.


2-May-23rd Eliz (1581). Husbandman, sick.

Residue to wife Joan, exec. 'towards the upbringing of my children.

Overseers: Robert Pursse, the elder; Harry Ockly (3/4d ea)

Witnesses: John Elsted; Robert Pursse; Harry Ocklye.

Probate to wife Joan, 30-May-1582.

Inventory taken by John Elsted; Willm Underwod; John Miles, 23-May-(year not stated).

Various household effects and farm animals.


Harry Ockly (26/8d); Robert Pursse the Elder (20/-d); Thomas Ockly (20/-d); Thomas Christmas the Younger (20/-d); Willm Butcher (15/-d); Thomas Stowole (6/-d); Annes Loveland (17/-d); John Davise? 20/-d); William Bussell (£20, 7s)

Residual value: 11/8d.


1. It is not know either why George is referred to as 'Burke alias Loveland' or why these paricular documents apparently belonging to a parishioner of Worplesdon, Co.Surrey should be archived in the Hampshire Records Office.

2. The Worplesdon PR lists baptisms for children of George Loveland: George (1571); Vincent (1573); George#2 (1574); Ann (1577); Joane (1579).

3. The testator's burial is recorded as 5-Sep-1581.

4. The absence of a later burial for George's widow and the marriage of a Joan Loveland to Robert King (11-Jun-1582 at Worplesdon) suggests she may have remarried.

5. There seem to be connections with the Will of Robert Canley, proved 1560. Possibly the same George.

6. The creditor Annes (Agnes) Loveland might be the same Annes (nee Carpenter, wife of Robert Loveland) who with her husband witnessed the 1603 (Ash) Will of Bridgett Boylett. It cannot be Agnes (nee Chowter) who did not marry Lawrence Loveland until 1594.

Henry (1633) of Abinger


Note: Details not yet extracted.

Henry (1612) of Pirbright

Husbandman. 1-Mar-1611/2. Buried churchyard. To my godson at my brother Lawrence Loveland's three ewes and lambs, two stalls of bees; to my brother Lawrence Loveland's daughter Elizabeth Loveland two ewes and lambs and two stalls of bees and to his son John Loveland two stalls of bees at William Wakeford's and to his son Thomas Loveland a stall of bees at George Chaundler's of Staines, Co.Middlesex. Residue to brother Lawrence.

Witnesses: Sebastian Numan; unnamed wife of Ralph Giles of Pirbright, Lawrence Loveland.

Proved 20-May-1612 to Lawrence Loveland.

Note: Chaundlers also mentioned in Wills of Alice Loveland (1560) and Bridget Boylett (1603).

Henry (1485) of Worplesdon

7-Jan-1484/5. Buried in the churchyard of Worplesdon. To the high alter 2d. To the fabric of the mother church 4d. Residue to wife Alice and son Thomas.

Executor: Sir John Williamson (Rector of Bisley), Overseer.

Proved 7-Feb-1484/5.

John (1485) of Godalming

John Loflonde. 15-Oct-1484. Buried in churchyard of Godalming St.Peter. To the mother church (Winchester) 2d. Residue to Joan my wife and exectrix.

Proved; 3-Nov-1485 at Guildford.

John (1558) of Catheryne Hill, Guildford St.Nicholas

20-Jul-1558. John Loveland, Carpenter.To my children 100 to buy land; 5 rent on land bought to my five daughters, viz. Catherine Loveland, Alice Loveland, Juliana Loveland, Mabel Loveland, and Margery Loveland; at end of 21 years my son John Loveland to have this rent and 100 at 23 years of his age; residue to my wife Mary, exec.

Execrix: Mary my wife.

Overseers: My brother Thomas Loveland, Robert Chyttye, clothman.

Proved: 1558.


Son John is 'John of Norwich' (born 1556). (Father died when he was 2 years old. Family connections with clothing).

Brother Thomas is possibly the Testator of the 1560 Will (proximity to Godalming, clothworkers mentioned).

John (1621) of Horsell

Yeoman. 16-Sep-1620. Buried churchyard of Worplesdon. To poor of Worplesdon 1 pound, poor of Horsell 6/8d. To my sister's son John Gyles the messuage called 'Little Godless', Ewhurst with remainder to Henry Loveland and paying my wife Edyn Loveland £2.10.00 pa for life; to Mary Gyles, daughter of Thomas Gyles late of Horsell, deceased 10 pounds out of lands above; to my brother Henry Loveland 50 pounds but to pay my wife 2.10.00 pounds pa for life, also to him a brass pan and cauldren; to my godson William Lowbrooke 3 pounds when 21; to other godchildren 1s ea; To my wife's son Edward Collyer 50 pounds at 21; residue to my wife Edyn, exec.

Overseers: Richard Inwood of West Horsley; Thomas Sayer of Pinkhurste, Abinger (10s ea).

Witnesses: John Chrocker, Richard Inwood, John Longhurste (X), John Loveland (X)

Proved: 15-Jan-1621/2

Note: Seems to have married a widow (or divorcee).

John (1658) of Woking


Note: Details not yet extracted.

John (1613) (X) of Wyke, Worplesdon

'Senior', weak. 18-Nov-1612. Buried church or churchyard of Worplesdon. To my son Lawrence Loveland all the goods in his custody, all brass, pewter, etc; residue to the children of my son John Loveland equally except his daughter Mary who shall have twice the portion of the rest, which children with the concent of their father I make execs.

Overseers: friends Nicholas Stevens of Ash; Henry Eade of Ash (1s ea).

Witnesses Thomas Hogge; Henry Ead.

Proved: 1-Apr-1613 to John Loveland, son, in minority of Mary Loveland, Henry Loveland and Richard Loveland.


For other possible references to the Testator, see also Lay Subsidies of 1571 and 1588-1595 (carpenter) and Surrey Musters for 1572 (bowman of the best sort), 1583/4 (billman of the best sort).

It is probable that his son John also appears in these sources; Lay Subsidies of 1588-1595 and 1620/1624 and Surrey Musters of 1583/4.

Worplesdon PRs for the relevant period refer to 'John the Elder (or senior)' and 'John the Younger (or junior)'

Possibly same John who witnessed the Will of Henry Stevens (1603).

Same overseers for Will of George Wackford of Ash (proved 1615) which was witnessed by Agnes Loveland, the Testator's daughter-in-law..

Joseph (1647) of Worplesdon

Note: Details not yet extracted. See also Lay Subsidies for 1620-1624 and 1628.

Margery (1575) of Godalming (proxy)

Note: Details not yet extracted.

Possibly daughter of Robert (Will 1558).

Margery (1558) of Worplesdon

Widow. 22-Jan-1558/9. Buried Worplesdon. Bequests to Elizabeth Radlys? (assumed daughter); Margaret Loveland, Margery Roberts (daughter); John Loveland (son)

Note: This Will should be read in conjuction with that of the Testator's husband, proved the same year.

Robert (1558) of Worplesdon

Carpenter.sick, buried Worplesdon. To daughter Elizabeth a bullock; to daughter Margery a bullock; to daughter Margaret a bullock, 2s and a bottel; John P--- my servant two ewes; residue jointly to Marjory my wife and John my son (execs). Wife Margery to remain in the house at Perry Hill (Worplesdon) if son John should marry, John to move to the house and Sleffield Grene (Slyfield Green, north of Guildford).

Overseer: Thomas Dawborne (2/6d)

Witnesses: Sir John Hawthorne (Parson of East Clandon); Walter Cobbat; George Westbroke.

Proved: 1558.

Stephen (1625) (X) of Wrecklesham, Farnham

Husbandman. 1-Oct-1624, sick, buried Farnham. To parish church 3/4d; to poor of Farnham 3/4d; to my eldest son William 3/4d; to George Loveland my second son 40/-d; to Phillip Loveland my son 13 pounds; to John Loveland my son3/4d; to Elizabeth my eldest daughter 3/4d; to Joan my daughter and the wife of Henry Bagen 3/4d; to the three children of my son Philip (Ann, Phillip and John) 1/-d each; to the five children of my daughter Elizabeth named thus: Ann, Joane, William, John, Robert being all the children of William 1/-d each; residue to my wife Dorothy (exec), the (after my death) to my eldest son William.

Overseers: John Mainwayring and John Watts of Farnham (3/4d)

Witnesses: Christopher Pallmer; Willm ffigges.

Proved 14-Apr-1665 to wife Dorothy.

Thomas (1570) of Ash

17-Apr-1570. Sick, buried in churchyard. To any poor who may assemble at my burial 5d; to wife Joan all my leases and indentures with the exception of the lease on his house at Pirbright which I give to my son George (to own after death of wife); to son William one heffer and three sheep; all my corn (sown and unsown) to divided into two halves, wife Joan to have one half, remained to be divided between undernamed children but if Joan remarries then her half to be shared among the children. Children: son George, son Henry, son Stephen and daughter Elizabeth; goods and chattels to shared between his wife and children similarly.

Executors: Wife Joan; son George.

Probate: 25-Sep-1570


Son George b.1607 (Sry Guildford St.Nicholas) apparently without wife or issue (Will)

Son Stephen (of Wrecklesham) c.@ 1547, m.8-Jan-1581/2 (SryPut) Dorothy Preston, b.5-Jan-1652 (SryFar) (Will)

Son Henry c.24-Oct-1550 (SryAsh), possible Will 1633

Daughter Elizabeth m.8-Jan-1581/2 Thomas Preston (SryPut) - note brother and sister marrying sister and brother on same day.

Thomas (1560) of Dunsfold

24-Apr-1560. Buried Hascombe. To motherchurch 4d. To my son Richard Loveland my land called Rickhurst 'Rycroft', Dunsfold with successive remainders to my son Robert Loveland and my daughter Elizabeth and to my daughter Joan Loveland; to son Richard 6-13-4d; to son Robert 6-13-4d; to daughter Joan 6-13-4d; if a boy dies before 21 or 'the wench' before 18 to be each others heirs; to my wife Elizabeth the lease of the farm I live in with the remainder to my youngest son Robert; residue to my wife Elizabeth and daughter Elizabeth, execs.

Overseers: John Yinwood of Godalming, clothworker; John Mellyshe of Godalming, clothworker (3/4d)

Witnesses: JY, JM, Hugh Gunter, John Shyre, Robert Babb.

Proved: 7_may-1560 to execs.

Notes: May be brother of John Loveland of Guildford St Nicholas died 1558 (Will)

Inwood also appears in Will of John Loveland 1621.

Other Babbs appear in the 1608 Will of Richard Carlingham of Bramley-Shalford along with Robert Loveland, possibly the son mentioned here.

Thomas (1558) of Worplesdon

15-Aug-1558 (nuncupative) . Buried in the churchyard. To Robert Clifton son of Thomas Clifton 1s; residue to Robert Porter and John Mannorye, execs (1s ea) to be distributed to the poor.

Proved: 16-Jun-1559 to execs.

Notes: Appears to have left no wife or issue.

John Manory was also executor to the Will of Robert Canley of Worplesdon (proved 1560) and witnessed by George Loveland.

A earlier John Manery witnessed a 1460 property deed in Ash along with John Loveland.

William (1557) of Godalming-Shackleford.

Notes: Details not yet extracted.

Assumed to be the husband of Alice (Will 1560)

Other References to Loveland in non-Loveland Wills (Surrey)

Agnes (1614)

Will of George Wackford of Ash, husbandman. 10-Nov-1614 (nuncup).

Overseers: Friends Mr Nicholas Stevens (with whom I lived, and to bring up William Wackford and see him have his goods at 21); Henry Eede of Ash.

Witnesses: Thomas Jewer(X); Agnes Loveland(X); Cicely Shode(x); Alice Woodridge.

Proved: 6-Apr-1615 to NS in minority of exec. (i.e.William Wackford)


1. This Agnes is almost certainly the wife of Lawrence Loveland.

2. Two overseers in common with Will of John Loveland of Worplesdon, proved 1613 (Agnes Loveland's father-in-law).

Annis (Agnes) and Robert Loveland (1603)

Will of Bridget Boylett, widow (no date). Buried Ashe. Three daughters: Annis Loveland, Margaret Carpenter and Judeth Carpenter.

Execs: son Thomas Chaundler; Elizabeth Carpenter.

Overseers: John Munger; John Deare.

Proved: 21-Apr-1603 by Robert Loveland husband of Agnes Loveland aka Carpenter, one of the Executrices, with power reserved, etc.

Note: Chaundler also appears in Wills of Henry Loveland (1612) and Alice Loveland (1560)

George (1605)

Will of Robert Hammond of Loseley, husbandman. 21-Apr-1605 (nunc).

Witnesses: Robert Ead, George Loveland, Thomas Rider of Losely, husbandmen; John Oakley, John Street.

Proved: 23-Apr-1605.


See also Will of George Loveland (1607).

George (1560)

Will of Robert Canley of Worplesdon. 20-Apr-1560.

Overseers: Robert Porsse (Pursse); John Manory (3/4d); Thomas Goringe.

Witnesses: George Loveland; Thomas Weaste; RP; TG; JM

Proved: 9-May-1560.

Note: John Manory was also executor to Will of Thomas Loveland of Worplesdon, proved 1558.

Henry (1608)

Will of Roger Sheves of Newham, parish of Chertsey, yeoman.

Witness: Henry Loveland (among others).

Proved: 14-Jun-1608.

(Wife of) John (1596)

Will of Thomas Winston of Wanborow, yeoman. 8-Mar-1595/6. Unnamed wife of John Loveland is legatee. Also mentioned William Chewter of Flexworthye.

Proved: 31-Mar-1596.

John (1603)

Will of Henry Steevens of Ash, yeoman. 8-Mar-1602/3.

Witness: John Loveland (plus others)

Proved: 21-Apr-1603.

Note: Nicholas Stevens (friend) was overseer to Will of John Loveland of Wyke-Worplesdon (1613)

Lawrence (1602)

Will of John Chewter of Worplesdon, husbandman. Made 9-Jan-1601/2 (nuncup).

Mentions: eldest daughter Agnes Chewter and daughters Joan and Margaret; Agnes Heath; son-in-law Robert Jewest (Jewer?).

Witnesses: Lawrence Loveland; Mr Francis Brown, esq.; Thomas Purse.

Note: A Lawrence Loveland married an Agnes Chewter at Worplesdon in 1594. These are probably the same.

Robert (1608)

Will of Richard Carlingham the elder of Bamley in Shalford, yeoman. 1607/8.

Witnesses: George Austin; John Babb, William Babb; Robert Loveland.

Proved: 24-mar-1607/8.

Note Robert Babb witnessed the Will of Thomas Loveland (proved 1560). Robert Loveland was possibly the son of this Thomas.

Robert (1615)

Will of John Stedman (X) of Catteshall, Godalming, yeoman. 3-Nov-1615.

Witness; Robert Loveland.

Proved: 2-Apr-1618 to George Bicknall of Catteshall, yeoman, snr.

William (1530)

Will of William Stert of Godalming. 6-Aug-1528.

Executors: William Luffland; Joan Stert (wife).

Proved 20-Dec-1530 at Godalming Holy Trinity.

Note: The testator appears to have been a farmer at Shackleford, suggesting that William Loveland might be the testator of the 1557 Will and husband of Alice.

William (1559)

Will of William Billinghurstt of Shackleford, Godalming. 19-Aug-1557.

Witness: William Loveland.

Proved 18-Dec-1559.

Index of Surrey Will Registers and WSFFS Fiches

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'MATHEWE 1490-1524 WSFHS fiche MW2 in preparation.

'MYCHELL' 1529-1532 WSFHS fiche MW3

'HEATS' 1532-1538 WSFHS fiche MW4

'PYKEMAN' 1538-1544 WSFHS fiche MW5

1544-1560 no Register or fiche

'TULLY' 1559-1560 WSFHS fiche MW6

1560-1595 no Register or fiche

'HERRINGMAN' 1595-1608 WSFHS fiche MW7

'BERRY' 1608-1615 WSFHS fiche MW8

'STOUGHTON' 1614-1621 WSFHS fiche MW9

'PETER' 1615-1623 WSFHS fiche MW10