The Surrey Connection

This page, added to the website in March 2013, confirms the Co.Surrey (UK) roots of John Loveland of Norwich, father of the three brothers Robert, Jeremy and John Loveland whose association with Connecticut is documented on this website.

As discussed elsewhere on this website, John Loveland, the father of Robert, Jeremy and John, first appeared in Norwich, Co.Norfolk, UK in about 1571.

His age is given as 86 in 1642 (in city records) and 92 at the time of his death in 1648. This places his birth date at about 1556.

The Loveland name is associated very closely with Surrey, the county immediately to the south of London. Unfortunately, many parish registers for this early period no longer exist, so there is no guarantee of being able to identify a particular person from these alone.

Fortunately, this particular family can be clearly identified in other documents - specifically a Will of 1558 and legal papers filed with the Court of Requests in 1598.

Will of John Loveland of Catheryne Hill, Guildford St.Nicholas, Co.Surrey, UK (dated 20-July-1558)

The fullowing is a summary of the main points of this will:

John Loveland, Carpenter.To my children 100 to buy land; 5 rent on land bought to my five daughters, viz. Catherine Loveland, Alice Loveland, Juliana Loveland, Mabel Loveland, and Margery Loveland; at end of 21 years my son John Loveland to have this rent and 100 at 23 years of his age; residue to my wife Mary, exec.

Overseers: brother Thomas Loveland & Robert CHYTTYE of Godalming, clothman (10s each)

Witnesses: [none given] Proved: 27-Sep-1558 to exec.

[GLRO: DW/PA/5/1558/182]

[WSFHS Filed & Unregistered Wills 1534-1558 MW14 #749]

Notes on the above Will:

1) This 1558 Will makes it clear that son John would be 23 years old in 21 years time. i.e. born in 1556 the exact date required for John of Norwich. This information taken together with information from the case brought before the Court of Request in 1589 confirms that son John mentioned here is "John of Norwich".

2) We can also place John the younger in the family of John Loveland (a Carpenter) and his wife, his sisters being Catherine, Alice, Juliana, Mabel and Margery.

3) It appears that John the younger moved to Norwich, Co.Norfolk at around the time that he came into his inheritance (1579-80). Click here for details of his life in Norwich.

4) Brother Thomas is almost certainly the Testator of the 1560 Will (proximity to Godalming, clothworkers mentioned).

4) Burial too early for PR.

5) John Snr could be the same John who witnessed the 1546 Will of Thomas DYER of Godalming.

Court of Requests: REQ 2/274/61 (1589)

Lawrence STOUGHTON of Witley, clerk and William MELLERSHE, shereman v John LOVELAND of Norwich, weaver and George CHITTYE of Guildford, clothier; re bond on fulling mill, house and land in Witley, 1589.

Notes on Court of Requests case:

1) The fulling mill in question was in the village of Witley, just south of Godalming in Surrey. John Loveland, one of the parties to the case is referred to as "of Norwich, weaver". His co-defendant is one George Chittye, not the guardian (Robert) mentioned in the 1558 Will, but probably his son.

2) By the time of this court case, John of Norwich is now 33 years of age and a weaver in Norwich, but still with interests in property in Surrey.

3) It is possible to see some original property deeds signed and sealed by a John Loveland and a Thomas Loveland (relationship to John of Norwich not confirmed, but possibly father and uncle) at West Sussex Record Office:

Bargain and sale by Thomas Loveland and John Loveland to John Mellersshe, of premises in Godalming, under Reference SHILLINGLEE/15/1 26 November 1548