Loveland Picture Gallery

The following pictures of Loveland ancestors have been kindly provided by researchers. If you have an 'heirloom' which you would think would be of interest to others, please send the image (preferable in jpeg format) plus a few words of biography and we'll do the rest.


Eleazer Dunham Loveland

Eleazer Dunham Loveland, born 10-April-1812, Middletown, CT. Died 3-June-1859, Trenton, NJ.

He married Lucinda Wakelee, 9-Feb-1835.

He was a descendent in the maternal line of John Dunham. The Dunham family is traced back to Robert Dunham of Dunham-on-Trent (Co.Nottingham, England), 1430. He gave seven years to learn the stove making trade, when stoves were made to order of sheet iron.

He was Henrietta Loveland's father and Barbara Ragland's 3xgreat grandfather.

He was the 3rd great grandson of Thomas Loveland of Connecticut.

Photo kindly supplied by Barbara Ragland.

Henrietta Jane Loveland Reynolds

Henrietta Jane Loveland Reynolds, born 18-July-1845, Shelton, CT. Died 21-March-1889, Shelton, CT.

After the death of her husband Samuel Reynolds in Newark, NJ 1840 the family returned to Shelton where she died in the same room in which she was born.

This picture was taken in the last year of her life - she was not well.

She was Barbara Ragland's great grandmother and the 4th great granddaughter of Thomas Loveland of Connecticut.

Photo kindly supplied by Barbara Ragland.

Loveland Family Reunion

This picture has "Loveland Family Reunion" written on the reverse. It was passed to Bill Kullman by his grandmother, Bertha Leon Cramer, daughter of Adelaide Minnette Loveland, b. 8 Oct 1866, Vernon, Oneida Co., NY, m. 7 October 1887, to John Adon Cramer of Carbondale, Luzerne Co., PA and died May 10, 1950 in Alhamba, CA. Bill suspects that the picture was taken ca 1920 and that the ladies on the left are his great-grandmother and grandmother but is not sure. Bill would be very interested to hear from anyone who can shed further light on the date and circumstances of this picture. More information on Adelaide and her family can be found here.

Click here for a larger (113K) version of the picture.

Robert Loveland

Robert Loveland, born 1-Oct-1806, New York, NY. Died 7-Apr-1886, Kansas.

Photo kindly supplied by Erma Jean Loveland.

Robert Franklin Loveland & Essie Beuchat

Robert Franklin Loveland, born 8-Sep-1865, Kansas. Died 7-Jan-1965, Idaho.

and second wife Essie Beuchat, born 11-Jan-1889, Kansas. Died 4-Feb-1952 Odaho.

Photo kindly supplied by Erma Jean Loveland.

Robert Ray Loveland & Dorothy Elizabeth Ader

Robert Ray Loveland, born 21-Sep-1896, Kansas. Died 6-Nov-1975, Idaho.

and Dorothy Elizabeth Ader, born 10-Mar-1900, Idaho. Died 30-Jun-1989, Idaho.

Photo kindly supplied by Erma Jean Loveland.