Loveland Pedigree Submitted by Bill Kullman


This page contains pedigree data supplied by Bill Kullman and relates to a photograph of a Loveland Family Reunion.

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Adelaide Minnette Loveland "Addie" b. 8 Oct 1866, Vernon, Oneida Co., NY, m. 7 Oct 1887, to John Adon CRAMER of Carbondale, Luzerne co., PA. and she died, May 10, 1950 in Alhambra, CA. She was the dau. of Wells Rich LOVELAND, b. October 14, 1842, Greenville, Mercer Co., PA and Eliza Anne ADAMS, b. February 6, 1845, Beaver, Ashford, Kent, ENGLAND dau. of George ADAMS and Mary Ann BEAN both of Bethersden, co. Kent, ENGLAND. Wells LOVELAND and Eliza ADAMS, were m. September 29, 1864, Vernon Center, Oneida Co., NY while his unit was on leave during the American civil war. [see photo and FGS] H


bur: Windsor, Broome Co., NY.

bir:14 Oct 1842 Greenville, Mercer Co., PA

mar: 29 Sep 1864 Vernon Center, Oneida Co., NY.

dea:13 Feb 1906 Windsor, Broome Co., NY.

Father: Alexander Daniel LOVELAND (1)

Mother: Wealthy Anne Charolette WRIGHT (LOVELAND) (2)


bur: Windsor, Broome Co., NY

bir: 6 Feb 1845 Beaver, Ashford, Kent, ENGLAND

mar: 29 Sep 1864 Vernon Center, Oneida Co., NY

dea: 1916

Father: George ADAMS

Mother: Mary Ann BEAN (ADAMS)


1 Name: Adelaide Minnette LOVELAND (CRAMER) (3)

F bir: 8 Oct 1866 Vernon, Oneida Co., NY

mar4: 7 Oct 1887 Windsor, Broome Co., NY

to: John Adon CRAMER

dea: 10 May 1950 Alhambra, Los Angeles Co., CA

2 Name: Lyman Leslie LOVELAND (5)

M bir: 15 Jun 1868 Windsor, Broome Co., NY

mar6: to: Lillian EVANS (LOVELAND)

dea: 7 May 1935 Cranford, NJ

bur: 10 May 1935

3 Name: Jennie Belle LOVELAND (BOWMAN)

F bir: 2 Jun 1871 Windsor, Broome Co., NY

mar: to: Lewis BOWMAN

dea: 19 Apr 1958 Greenwood, DE

bur: Windsor, Broome Co., NY

4 Name: Lillian Marcella LOVELAND (SCOTT)

F bir: 20 Dec 1873 Windsor, Broome Co., NY

mar: 24 Jul 1918 Colesville, NY

to: Edwin A. SCOTT


5 Name: Elizabeth Rosannah LOVELAND (7)

F bir: 29 Mar 1876 Windsor, Broome Co., NY

dea: 16 Jan 1900 New York City, NY

bur: Windsor, Broome Co., NY

6 Name: Bertha Mary LOVELAND (RULAND)

F bir: 2 Apr 1881 Windsor, Broome Co., NY

mar: 21 Aug 1912

to: Joel Amenzo RULAND

dea: Mar 1964 Nineveh, Broome Co., NY

bur: Windsor, Broome Co., NY

7 Name: Arthur Daniel LOVELAND

M bir: 31 Jul 1883 Windsor, Broome Co., NY

dea: (in 1935), Athens, PA

Wells Rich LOVELAND -m.29 Sep 1864 Eliza M. ADAMS Vernon Centre, Oneida Co., NY by Rev. W.A. Wadsworth at the M.E. Parsonage, witness, Mrs. Eliza White-Casterton of 257 Robinson St., Binghamton, NY <source: affidavit to BUREAU OF PENSIONS, dtd. Feb. 19, 1898.> also mentions "notice in the UTICA MORNING HERALD" signed Wells R. Loveland OCCUPATION(S): Freedman's Aid Bureau (3 years, 3 months, 3 days) <need to substantiate the time with Army or with Freedman's Aid Bureau> Farmer <see note #6 below> Stone Mason <in letter from Loveland Geneaology> MILITARY SERVICE: Union Army: First New York Mounted Rifles, enlisted Aug 18, 1862, discharged Nov. 29, 1865. Co. D, 4th Provisional Cavalry Volunteers. <see below> Under fire 27 times.

ADJUTANT GENERAL'S OFFICE Washington, D.C. January 23, 1880


I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt from your Office of application for Pension No. 288.114, and to return it herewith, with such information as furnished by the files of this Office. It appears from the Rolls on file in this Office that Wells R. Loveland was enrolled on the 18th day of Aug.,1862, at Leuox, in Co. "L" 1st Regiment of NY Mdtd Rifles (4th N.Y. Prov. Cavy) Volunteers, to serve 3 years or during the war, and mustered into service as a Private on the 23rd day of Aug, 1862 at place not stated in Co. "L", 1st Regiment of N.Y. Mtd Rifles (4th N.Y. Prov. Cavy) Volunteers, to serve 3 years, or during the war. On the Muster Roll of Co. "L" of that Regiment, ...from muster in to Oct. 31, 1862, he is reported absent on scout. Nov & Dec 1862, to Feby 29" 1864 present. Mch & April 1864. Wagoner present on daily duty as Teamster. May & June 1854 private present daily duty Teamster. Erroneously placed on last muster roll as Wagoner. July & Aug 1864 present. Reenlisted as Vet. Vol. Sept 1/64 at Point of Rocks to serve three years. Sept & Oct 1864 to April 30/65 present. May & June 1865 Corpril [sic] present. Muster roll of Co.

"D" same Regt. (to which transf'd) for July & Aug 1865 reports him Corpril [sic] present. Same to Oct. 31" 1865. Station Sept. 30/65. Fredericksburg, Va & Oct.31/65. Fredricksburg, VA. Muster out roll dated Nov 29"1865 reports him mustered out on that date with Co, at City Point, VA, The records of this office do not furnish any evidence of malarial fever & results of poison given by Physician by mistake as claimed. I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant, H.C. COSBIN Assistant Adjutant General.


Town County State/Country Dates

Stockbridge Madison New York 1857to Aug 1862

Vernon Oneida New York 1867 to 1868

Windsor Broome New York 1868 to 1906

Note: in one document it mentions the property in Windsor village being part of the river flat which "is exposed to the Susquehanna River" and about 8 acres.


"Wells R. Loveland writes from Windsor, Broome Co., N.Y., 1885: -"The above comprises my father's and my own families. There have been no deaths except father's. Father was a laborer. I am a stone mason. My sister Aurelia remains unmarried, and is a teacher in the academy in this place. She lives here with our mother. My oldest daughter is a school teacher. My oldest son is learning the whip finishing business at the Coburn Whip Works in this place. I served three years and four months in the First New York Mounted Rifles during the Rebellion. Enlisted Aug 18, 1862, served two years and then re-enlisted in the same regiment. I was discharged Nov. 29, 1865. I was under fire twenty-seven different times and escaped unhurt. I was never in a hospital. Our family belong to the M.E. Church."

(From a letter to Bertha Leona Cramer from her mother Adelaide Minnette Cramer:

".....My Mother, Eliza Maria Adams was born Feb. 6, 1845, the oldest of 6 children. She was a school teacher, married Sept. 29, 1864 while father was home on a furlough. I guess Father inherited some of his mother's disposition for I grew up not knowing any of Mother's people. My people moved about 100 miles south of Oneida where Grandmother Adams lived, when I was about 3 mo. old. I went to visit them with mother when I was 4 and again when I was 12. I had spent the winter with Grandma Loveland so Aunt Aurelia could go away to teach. I remember I loved her and the aunts and uncles. Now I will go back and pick up the life Father and Mother lived. Before Father was 19 he enlisted in the "First New York Mounted Rifles." He served the gov't till he was mustered out in 1865 when the war closed. He then joined the Freedmans's Aid Bureau and went south to help the Gov't get the South in production of food. Remember, he would not have been 23 years old till the next Oct. 14, but on him rested the responsibility to see that the plantations were not allowed not to be cultivated. Some planters said "I'll never pay a Niger." He tried reason and when that failed took possession of the plantation, rounded up the "darkies", appointed a forman and went on. Maybe the darkies said "I'se free, I dun gwine to work any more," and he had the authority to hire and compel them to work or punish them. He had a certain territory he was responsible for. The harvest, and made trips every so often till the food was harvested and there was no more famine in the South. He was in the Govt. service 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days. Father was no hand to tell army yarns that boasted of his prowess. Most of his yarns had to deal with foraging. He was always in the enemy country and where the people would not sell, the "Yanks' took what they could..."

Wells Rich LOVELAND was the son of Alexander Daniel LOVELAND and Wealthy Anne Charolette WRIGHT.