ORIGIN: Unknown



REMOVES: Weymouth 1636, Westfield 1664

CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admission to Dorchester church prior to 14 May 1634 implied by freemanship.

FREEMAN: 14 May 1634 (as "Edmonde Harte," eighth in a sequence of ten Dorchester men)[MBCR 1:369]

EDUCATION: He made his elaborate mark to a deed in 1666 [SLR 5:82]

ESTATE: Granted sixteen acre Great Lot at Dorchester, 16 jan 1632/3 [DTR 1]; "John Phillips shall have for Edward Hart three-quarters of an acre meadow at Sqauntum Neck," 1 Feb 1635/6 [DTR 15]; received Lot #53, four acres, in the meadows beyond Naponset [DTR 321].

Granted eighteen acre Great Lot in Weymouth, 1636 [Weymouth Hist 199]; granted Lot #49, seven acres, in the first division, and Lot #19, twenty-one acres, in the second division, 14 Dec 1663 [Weymouth Hist 200-01]

In the Weymouth land inventory of about 1643 "Edmond Hart" held three parcels of land: eleven acres in the East Field, "first granted to him"; three acres on Kingoke Hill, "first granted to Aingell Hollard"; and eighteen acres among the Great Lots [Weymouth Hist 188].

On 5 September 1664 "Edmond Hart of Weimouth" sold to James Nash Senior of the same "my dwelling house & lot adjacent thereunto being twenty acres more or less ...land first granted to Edward Sarrell alienated from him to Timothy Wales from him to Stephen French & now in the possession of me Edmond Hart," also "my two divisions of commons," also "all my right title & interest in the town" [SLR 5:82].

On 17 October 1664 "Edmund Hart of Waymouth, planter," purchased of Praisever Turner of Northampton, miller, one-half of two parcels which Turner had purchased from Edward Griswold of Windsor, at Woronoco, "being seven or eight miles ... from Springfield": one-half of twenty-five acres of meadow, and one-half of twenty-five acres of upland meadow (the other half of each lot being sold to Cornelius Merrey) [HamLR A:58]

30 September 1672: "Edmund Hart of Westfield dying suddenly this sennight past inquiry was made by a jury of 12 men concerning his death who found it to be by the immediate hand of God in thunder & lightning as they conceive; their verdict is on file. And the said Edmund Hart dying intestate the inventory of his estate was presented to this Court and power of administration upon is granted to George Phelps which he accepted of. Also Elisha Hart son of Edm[un]d Hart being weak to manage his own matters chose his uncle the said Geo[rge] Phelps for his guardian whom the court aproved for that end" [HamPR 1:147].

The inventory of the estate of "Edmund Hart late of Westfield deceased" was signed 25 July 1673 and totalled &68 16s. 6d. Including real estate valued at &96 1s.: "eleven acres of meadow &55"; "twenty acres of land in the woods &40"; "a homelot Fortside four acres land not taken up &1 1s." There was a debt due to Aaron Cooke from "Edmund Hart ... his son-in-law John Scone can testify to it." "There is also a cow John Scone hath not inventoried which is said to be given to Scone's wife: Also Edward Neale hath one acre of land: Also john Greet hath one acre of land not inventoried" [HamPR 1:148]

On 31 March 1674 the court further ordered that the distribution of the estate of Edmund Hart of Westfield be "that Elisha Hart (for that he is very weak for abilities of his mind ... being crazy in his body) shall have &15 of the said estate"; "Edm: Hart's daughters shall have the rest of the estate in equal portion: and if any of the daughters shall die before distribution of the estate be made such portion shall go to the childrenof such daughters if they have any; and Elisha Hart having at the last court at Springfield chosen his uncle George Phelps for his guardian whom that court allowed of, this court declares that no person shall trade or bargain with the said Elisha without the consent of his said guardian" [HamPR 1:154]

BIRTH: By about 1610 based on receipt of land grant early in 1633.

DEATH: Westfield about 23 September 1672, "by the immediate hand of God in thunder & lightning" [HamPR 1:147]

MARRIAGE: By about 1638 ________________ ____________; she died Weymouth 20 August 1659


i ELIZABETH, b. say 1638; m Weymouth 26 June 1661 John Moor

ii MARTHA, b. Weymouth 12 October 1640 (record says "Mathew son of Edmund," but there is no other record for a Mathew and Martha must have been born about this time); m. Weymouth 24 January 1662/3 Edward Neale.

iii Daughter, b. say 1642; implied by estate of Elisha Hart.

iv Daughter, b. say 1644; implied by estate of Elisha Hart.

v CHARITY, b. say 1646; m. by 1677 Thomas Loveland, one of the two administrators of Elisha Hart's estate (research of Gale Ion Harris, forthcoming in TAG).

vi MARY, b. say 1650; m. by 1669 John Greet (research of Gale Ion Harris, forthcoming in TAG).

vii EXPERIENCE, b. say 1650; m. and in 1677 divorced William Shepard of Westfield [TAG 70:82-83]

viii SARAH, b. say 1653; m. (1) by 25 July 1673 John Scone of Westfield [HamPR 1:148]; m. (2) Springfield 15 July 1692 John Burbank [NEHGR 61:139].

ix ELISHA, by by 1658 (and probably before 1651); living 30 September 1672 "being weak to manage his own matters," and chose "his uncle George Phelps" guardian [HamPR 1:147]; d. Windsor by 9 October 1683; the inventory of the estate of "elisha Heart" was taken at Windsor 9 October 1683 and at Westfield 4 December 1683; administration was granted to Edward Neale and Thomas Loveland, and the court ordeered distribution to "said Heart's eight Sisters, to each an equal portion" [Manwaring 1:320]

ASSOCIATIONS: Elisha Hart chose his uncle George Phelps as his guardian in 1672, suggesting that Edmund Hart's wife was a Phelps, or that Hart's sister or his wife's sister was one of the two wives of George Phelps.