George LOVELAND (1875 - 1970)

Biography and Naval Service Record

George Loveland (RN)

George Loveland, (1875-1970) served on an amazing variety of the Royal Navy’s ships between joining up in 1894 and being discharged in 1919.

This included a turret-ram battleship built in 1870 as the answer to the new generation of iron-clad warships typified by “Warrior”, a “ship of the line” dating back to the Crimean War, and assorted more modern cruisers and battleships.

One of his ships was involved with the Navy’s pioneer airship, and early experiments with sea planes. As the ship’s blacksmith he was commissioned by Lt. Fraser to fabricate a mounting for a gun to combat the new menace of enemy spotter planes, while serving in the Gallipoli campaign.

By chance he was sailing past Dover as Bleriot completed his historic channel crossing in 1909.

He was introduced to Gladstone as a child. In old age he would reminisce with his grandsons, all of whom wish they had asked him more – much more!

This account of his life and service depicts the ships he served on and what they did, and where they went. It has become a history lesson in its own right.

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Andrew Howard.

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