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Loveland Family History

This site was originally established in 1994 as an informal resource for anyone researching the name Loveland anywhere in the world. It was inspired following collaborative efforts by US and English researchers to discover the circumstances surrounding the emigration of one particular family from England to New England in the mid-17C. Since it may be this aspect of Loveland genealogy which may be of most interest to American visitors in particular, much of the site is devoted to this particular topic.

March 2013: We have taken the opportunity of a recent change of ISP to give this website a quick facelift.  The majority of the information remains exactly as published between 1994 and 1998.  But we have now added the research that ties "John Loveland of Norwich" (father of the Robert, Jeremy and John Loveland who travelled to America in the 17C) to a specific family in Guildford, Co.Surrey, UK.

The Summary Page may be helpful as a general overview.

Finally, our grateful thanks to Doug Murphy for kindly arranging to host the old site after it was originally withdrawn in 1998.


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